Does this mean I'm famous?

In the span of one week, I’ve now gotten three emails related to my work on graphs and complex networks. I have no idea how people found me, because I strive for a quiet life.

  1. Someone wrote asking for the code from my thesis, which to that point had only been online for a week.
  2. I’ve been invited to a conference in Lyon—yippee! But, like, how did I get added to a complex networks mailing list? Fingers crossed that Hopkins will pay for me to go to conferences unrelated to my Hopkins work.
  3. Someone asked my permission to contribute to networkx. This one makes a bit more sense to me.

A master’s student sent the email asking whether he could contribute his thesis algorithm for generating a particular type of random geometric graph to networkx. Because I contributed the fast, k-d tree-based generator for random geometric graphs, I got to stick my name on the file as one of the authors. That’s how this one found me. Still not sure about the rest…

Seems like I’m now relevant in the complex networks community.

Written on July 5, 2017