Hi, I’m Arya. (And occasionally, 安力仁 Bestowed upon me by the boundlessly clever Shuoyang Ding. http://www.cs.jhu.edu/~sding/.) I squeeze blood from a stone for low-resource NLP.

I am a third-year Ph.D. student in computer science (CS) at Johns Hopkins University, affiliated with the Center for Language and Speech Processing. I am advised by David Yarowsky, with whom I work on low-resource machine translation in JHU’s LoReLab. My research interests are computational linguistics, morphology, and network science. You’re welcome to look at my publications.

I completed my M.S. in CS, as well as a B.S. in CS and math, in my four years at SMU. I was a President’s Scholar, SMU’s highest academic scholarship. My thesis advisor was David Matula. My research with him lives at the intersection of convex optimization (linear programming), graph theory, and randomness for stable, mathematically motivated hierarchical clustering. I conducted additional work in ubiquitous computing, computational neuroscience, security, optics, and high-energy particle physics.


  • 2019-10: Gave a talk at Johns Hopkins University
  • 2019-10: Gave a talk at City University New York
  • 2019-09: Accepted to IWSLT: “Harnessing Indirect Training Data for End-to-End Automatic Speech Translation: Tricks of the Trade” with collaborators at Facebook AI
  • 2019-08: Accepted to EMNLP: “Modeling Color Terminology Across Thousands of Languages”. See you in Hong Kong!
  • 2019-07: The first workshop on typology for multilingual NLP was a smash hit! Thanks to our panelists, invited speakers, and abstract contributers.
  • 2019-06: The SIGMORPHON 2019 shared task has concluded. Thanks to all that submitted; read about it here. I’ll present findings in Florence during ACL.
  • 2019-05: I’m attending MTMA 2019 at UMD, working on typology as a tool for multilingual models.
  • 2019-05: Accepted to ACL: “Meaning to Form: Measuring Systematicity as Information”. See you in Florence!
  • 2019-03: Another preprint on arXiv: a No Free Lunch theorem for clustering and related tasks.
  • 2019-02: I’ll be working at Facebook AI this summer, on translation.
  • 2019-02: Accepted to SIAM NS19: “Community Detection, The No Free Lunch Theorem, and Attack Games”
  • 2019-01: We’ve put a preprint on arXiv: how to properly evaluate community detection.
  • 2018-10: I’ve had two submissions accepted to Complex Networks (ICCNA) 2018. See you at Cambridge!
  • 2018-09: This semester, I’ll be a teaching assistant! My course is Natural Language Processing with Jason Eisner.
  • 2018-08: I’ve had papers accepted at the Conference on Machine Translation (WMT) and the EMNLP Universal Dependencies Workshop (UDW). See you in Brussels!
  • 2018-07: I’ll be at the SIAM Annual Meeting in Portland, presenting work on evaluation measures for clustering.
  • 2018-06: This summer, I’m participating on the translation side of SCALE 2018.
  • 2018-05: I’m attending MTMA 2018 at CMU, working on continued training of translation models.

More Information

In my spare time (hah), I enjoy:

  • bagpiping
  • ballroom dancing
  • biking—I have a 1982 Schwinn Le Tour that I maintain.
  • books; add me on Goodreads and recommend your favorites
  • learning languages through Duolingo (currently Romanian, rather unique among Romance tongues)
  • reading xkcd and A Softer World

Picture of the Schwinn that got stolen, not the new one in Baltimore. U-bolt locks are your friend.

Contact me

[first name]@jhu.edu